March 01, 2015

Happy Victo Spring 2015!

Aah, March 1. That date when we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. While we're not completely out of the woods yet, the end is near everyone. The end is near. This year Winter wasn't confined simply to the Northeast and it's neighbors; no, this Winter reached as far south as Georgia and Tennessee, dumping multiple inches among multiple storms during its reign. Picking up speed as it went east, it then managed to continuously clobber Boston and New York with no mercy. Even today, the slap in the face is that there's another storm coming tonight, on our most revered of holidays as we celebrate Winters end. The nerve! One to three inches isn't much compared to what we've all been through but let's just hope it's one of the last storms we have to endure. Or let's just make a pact right now: we'll put up with this one and THEN WE'RE DONE. Fair? 

To everyone who's endured, and that's been a fair amount of the country at this point, I say good job. You've earned a 9 month break. Let the sun shine, the temperatures warm, and all that snow turn into water and fill our swimming pools. Instead of snow shoveling let's get out the bikes and ride all day. 
It's time for Spring to finally make it's appearance. 

Happy Victo Spring everybody!

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