February 25, 2015

Winter and the Three Week Mark

By now most of you are familiar with the concept of Victo Spring. Amazing to me is that as the word spreads about this people not only like it but embrace it for themselves. Last year we even saw television weather people using a variation of it they called "meteorological spring". Basically a smoke screen for the fact that February is over and now we're in March which is the herald of Spring, which is exactly how Victo Spring was born. There is an annual Victo Spring celebration dinner which I never would have imagined anyone attending years ago. Now people look forward to it and even remind me. "Where's this year's dinner?" is a common opener.

Now something new has come to light and it's not from me but rather a family member. It's called the Three Week Mark. Simply put: it's the line you draw on the calendar that within three weeks of that date Winter and all it's associated storms will cease. No more after that date. Nada. Some practitioners add caveats such as "no major storms, maybe some dustings" or "nothing over 4 inches". But most people familiar with this game keep it lean and simple: no snow 3 weeks after the chosen date.

Try it and keep a record of how correct you are over the years.  Oh, and by the way, only 4 days left until Victo Spring! What a hard cold Winter it has been.

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