July 29, 2014

3 ½ weeks

It's only been 3 ½ weeks since July 4 and yet it almost couldn't feel further away. It feels like the summer sun's been beating down for ages now, like we've been mowing the lawn incessantly, like the summer parties have been playing havoc with our responsibilities for months already, forcing us to juggle what we want to do with what we need to do.

And yet, July 4 was only 25 days ago. A shade over 3 weeks. 

This is the slippery slope of the summer; when you think you've got all the time in the world and summer's just getting into full swing when you realize that the time is actually waning and the end is near. Make no mistake: there's still time left. Lots of it in fact. However, it's July 29, and in three more days it will be August. Then the countdown begins in earnest: you've burned through the end of May (Happy Memorial Day!), all of June (Father's Day! Summer's here!), and then July (Happy 4th!) without a care in the world. August usually arrives as a head-scratching, "What the..." type of event where we suddenly realize where we are in time and space and realize it's August, the unofficial last month of summer, or at least summer vacation.

It all happens in the blink of an eye. Weekdays spent working, commuting, planning, worrying, and going about your daily business. Weekends spent on the lawn, on the bicycle, at the park and at parties. It's a blissful duality you don't truly find any other time. So looking back it's been a pretty great 3 ½ weeks so far. How has yours been, and what will you do with the next 4 weeks?

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