March 01, 2014

Happy Victo Spring!

Let's face it. At no time in recent years has it been more true than now: we've had a LONG hard winter. There's been tons of snow and to call the temperatures frigid is an understatement. Across most of the US northeast normal temperatures have started in the single digits every morning and climbed only into the mid 20s. Even southern states which are normally unscathed have been affected, as snow has fallen many times in places like Atlanta Georgia, well over the Mason/Dixon line. It's as if old man winter wanted to take out his rage on everyone this year and not even the northern/southern boundaries could stop him.

Things looked quite bleak back in December as storms and cold weather started to occur with more frequency. We were at the beginning of this thing called Winter, unsure how it would play out this year: mild or harsh. The answer was uncharacteristically harsh. And looking at the calendar and realizing that we had months to go only made it seem worse. Enduring one or two storms was acceptable. But 3 more months of it? That was the real issue. The long game. This year Winter has dragged on, as the snow and temperatures kept falling, dragging our moods down with it.

But there is finally something to be hopeful about.  We're no longer at the beginning of this. We're near the end. We've endured December, enjoying the Holidays even as the storm season picked up. We've ushered in the new year and made it through January as temperatures plummeted. We've limped into February and finally made it through. Now the calendar has been flipped one more time and we're finally into March. Now things are different.

The concept of Victo Spring means there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That we've flipped the calendar to a whole new month and can look forward to a new season's imminent arrival: Spring. Victo Spring is the harbinger of that season; like a mountaintop herald playing his trumpet sending the message, "Spring is coming! Stay strong!". Victo Spring is the extra push we need to make it through the homestretch; to wait for the winter weather to finally break and for the warm weather to finally make it's appearance. The arrival of Victo Spring sends the message: It's Not Long Now.

And this year there is a new wrinkle: the mainstream media is embracing it. Apparently everyone else in the world is coming around to the idea of March 1 as the "unofficial" start of Spring. Most of them are calling it the "meteorological spring", to differentiate between the weather-related season of Spring and the astrological Spring, also known as the spring equinox which occurs March 20 or 21 depending on the year.

Here's a sampling of the articles which reference and support the March 1 theory:
But we all know where all this started, don't we? With me, and posted here first, years ago.
But in the end it's all good. March 1 has always seemed like the arrival of Spring and although it's been a long time since I originally started vocalizing that thought, and came up with the Victo Spring concept, the payoff is now as it finally gains acceptance by everyone. It's all over the place: March 1 IS the arrival of Spring.

With that in mind:  Happy Victo Spring! And may the weather where you are finally start the long warm-up process soon.