July 19, 2013

Microsoft Surface - coming to a clearance sale near you?

CNET recently published a story about Microsoft Surface and it's problems gaining traction.  In my opinion they've gotten it all wrong. CNET mentions that the lighthearted dancing ads was inappropriately themed for a device aimed at the business crowd. While that is a viable opinion, my take is that's exactly why they did it. They wanted to show a device that could replace your laptop, could do real work, but was also fun. The whole enchilada. They took a chance. Instead of showing staid suitly-clad businessmen on their way to the boardroom they showed young hipsters dancing in the conference room. If you're trying to make a product look cool, this was a good attempt.

The story also declares that Steve Jobs wouldn't have done this, and that's why Apple is far ahead of the game and Microsoft is...Microsoft. Yet, while the iPad was marketed primarily as an entertainment and consumption device there's no denying it has slipped in through the back door of many companies and it can do real work. Later ads have shown it being used in the fields of music, architecture and medicine. But what ads are they best known for? The silhouetted dancers. So now I wonder why Microsoft tried that tactic?

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