June 26, 2013

Does Nook Still Have a Chance?

Yesterday Barnes & Noble announced it was shutting down color tablet manufacturing, a sign they were ceding the battle to other tablets such as the iPad, Nexus and Kindle Fire. CNET does a nice high-level breakdown of the problem the Nook faced leading to this decision.  One key thing that has bubbled to the top is that Barnes & Noble will work with third-party manufacturers.  It seemed while reading the original statement yesterday that these third parties would be licensing the Nook technology and perhaps form factor, re-badging with their own brand similar to what Asus does with the Nexus 7. Today however it seems they may be using those third parties to continue making the Nook tablets. If this is the case the brand would theoretically survive, at least for a while. My prediction is that the Nook brand will still die, and these third party manufacturers, if they do take over and continue the Nook, won't be able to do it for long, and won't have much success. The brand is dead, even if Barnes & Noble won't admit explicitly yet.

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