May 27, 2013

Tech Support: Get with the 21st Century

A simple exchange of filing a warranty claim against a new TV which suddenly won't turn on:

Rep: Please attempt to turn the unit on.
Me: OK (fake wait). It won't turn on.
Rep: Is it connected to either coax or a cable box?
Me: Yes, it is.
Rep: (Long pause) Which one?
Me: Coax.
Rep: I'd like you to disconnect the AC cord from the wall.
Me: OK, done.
Rep: Hit the power button and hold for 1 minute.
Me: (Perplexed). OK...
Rep: Is it turning on?
Me: No, we've removed it from the power supply. It will never turn on.
Rep: Ok, it looks like you've got a defective unit. Please fax your receipt with purchase information to our support fax number and we'll begin processing. Once received we'll email you the RMA label.
Me: Fax it to you? Then you'll email me? How about if I just send it to your email directly? I don't have a fax machine; they're pretty antiquated at this point. Isn't there a direct customer service email I can send it to?
Rep: Yes, but that will take longer.
Me: Whatever. I'm going to use the email anyway.
Rep: Have a nice day. 

In this day and age, with the plethora of digital scanning/photography tools out there, is there any reason to all but demand someone use a fax machine? Hell, if I wanted to I could use my iPhone to quickly scan a picture of the receipt and send it to the guy's email WHILE I WAS TALKING TO HIM. But a fax machine? I'd have to dig one of those up, probably at my local office supply store.

Filing this under perplexed, confused, mildly outraged.

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