April 01, 2013

2013: One Season Down

Today is April 1; a good time to begin benchmarking the year.

Yes, it feels like the year has only recently begun. However in reality we've just exited the first season of 2013 (Winter) which corresponds neatly to the year's first quarter and the first three months. 
We finished up the 2012 holidays hopefully with great revelry, then rushed to usher in the new year.
Those were good times, with parties, gifts, good food, music and friends. But it was really just the close of business for 2012. A series of last hurrahs and a time to be reflective. Then came the dark days. Those days where it was dark when we drove in to work and dark when we drove home. Where there wasn't much sunlight and it was tough to get energized. 

Thankfully that's all behind us now.

The days have gotten noticeably longer and brighter, thanks to the one-two punch of seasonal change and daylight savings time.
The sunlight hits us earlier and stays up longer and will keep on doing it until June 21 (the longest day of the year) and beyond, keeping us bathed in daylight well into September. And keeping us energized and happier as well.

So, welcome to the second season of 2013: Spring. Second Quarter of 2013.  April. However you want to think of it, the year is progressing nicely. This is a good time to look at what you want to accomplish and bear down to make it happen. And, it's a good time to enjoy yourself!

And while we're talking about the date, Happy April Fools Day. Check out Gmail Blue as well as these other fine pranks for 2013.

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