March 01, 2013

Happy Victo Spring 2013!

So today's the day we all got to theoretically move out of winter and into some semblance of Spring. We got to leave behind the calendar pictures of January and February and move into March, which hopefully has a much nicer and warmer picture to greet you. If not, you really need to take greater care in choosing your calendars (just a little something for you to keep in mind next December).

So, as we all know, today isn't the actual first day of Spring, but it is the indicator of warmer weather to come. Spring really arrives on March 20, but today is the day the countdown becomes real. Yes, you can count down starting from January 1 but that's a really long wait. Today's the day when you can look at the calendar and know that in just a large handful of days it will actually be here. The countdown becomes real. It's close. You can feel it. Maybe, like today, the air is even a bit warmer. Grab a lighter jacket. Breathe a little deeper. Enjoy. Spring is coming.

Spring is coming. Happy Victo Spring and enjoy, everyone.

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