October 09, 2012

Free Pen Winner

Today's starting off on a good note. I'm always looking for good equipment to use with my writing: laptops. notebooks, Moleskines, and yes -- pens. The old fashioned writing utensils that many have eschewed in favor or their digital counterparts, but which still maintain a die hard, rock-solid usability and have a loyal following, especially online.  To this end, I purchase and try out LOADS of new pens. Some make the cut and I keep them, adding them to the list of repeat purchases in my always full pen cups. Some don't, and are relegated as things I leave behind, give to others or simply throw out if they're really no good. I suspect it's the same with other pen aficionados. 

So, imagine my surprise this morning when I was notified by Tiger Pens that I had won their most recent pen giveway (http://www.tigerpens.co.uk/blog/august-giveaway-pentel-sterling-red-gel-pen-winner/comment-page-1/#comment-8307).  I'm happy, shocked, and just plain ready to try out another new pen. The Energels have always had a strong following, and with good reason: they're well made and the ink flows smoothly. I'm sure this one will be a pleasure, and since it's red, it will fit right in with both the upcoming Christmas season (yes, it's almost that time again) and with my writing and editing roles.

Thanks again Tiger Pens! I'll be sure to post my thoughts on how this pen performs when I get it.

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