December 22, 2011

It's Winter!

Feign your mock-happiness here.

Oh, it's not all that bad.  Winter is technically the time some very good things happen: there's some major holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, New Years) and all the parties that ensue (that's a good thing, right?)  For some families they even invite a fat man in a red suit to come into the house in the middle of the night withthe vague hope that he'll leave presents (I know - scary, right?). There's the comaraderie among friends and family and the general well-wishing. Some folks even like the cold weather and the different sports and activities it offers, like skiing and sleigh riding. See also: pelting your family member with snowballs.
Oh, who are we kidding? Winter is barely tolerable.  It's cold, it's miserable, and the time change that occurred in November will have everyone going stir crazy by the time March comes. At least you can do things without the humidity. That's a plus. We're just going to have to make it through this.

While we're discussing the seasonal change to winter, here's some sites that explain it in more detail. Enjoy. Stay warm and celebrate.

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