September 01, 2011

Is This the New Windows Explorer?

Techcruch today has a story on a mock-up that looks like an updated Windows Explorer. Only one problem: it looks nothing like any version of Windows Explorer ever released. While most die-hard Windows users can readily admit that Windows Explorer was in dire need of new features (witness the plethora of third party makers like Explorer++ and PowerDesk that are quite popular) a facelift certainly wasn't one of them.  In fact, Microsoft seems to have done the unimaginable: taken the basic workhorse but quite fine interface of Windows Explorer and given it the (gasp) Microsoft Office interface treatment. The bastards! It's almost as if they want to annoy their users or reduce productivity. Maybe both.
Personally, this looks like something that was overthought. Too many buttons, too many features, all displayed on the GUI. Designed by Committee perhaps, or maybe a small team gone wild.  In any event, it's certainly not a great interface and does not help the user do their job or easily perform their tasks. And make no mistake:  these are things a well-designed interface should do.

Read the full details and see it for yourself.

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