December 17, 2010

Is abandoning your blog the new "it" thing?

The Revision Bar has a long history behind it, dating back to the 1990s. Content creation was no problem in the early years. The Internet was in full swing and there was no shortage of new sites, new topics, and new inventions. Most of them found their way onto the main page of this site, along with witty commentary.

Longevity is an odd thing and is only good for the specific time period of which the item is being assessed. Most of the time this site has been going, there had been plenty of content and new items being added on a regular basis. The last two years or so, as other opportunities have emerged, that flow has diminished. Trickled even. Slowed to a drop this year in particular.

This is of interest because it seems to be a phenomenon that happens to most bloggers at some point. We leave old blogs scattered throughout the net like used cars on the side of the road; abandoned, apparently unwanted. It's typical to hear a blogger rattle off the lists of their old blogs with a laugh. Left behind, nothing more now than a reference point on the list of things they've written.

However, there's also a movement to keep these blogs alive; to revive them and ensure that the site remains relevant and flush with new content. After all, if it was a worthy idea when the site was first created, it may well merit further investment and content. Sometimes tweaking is in order, so that the new site better serves the designs and needs of present day. Often it's these changes, that take considerable time and effort, that originally made their owners abandon them in favor of new sites to start with. But after some time passes, the lure of the old familiar site returns to their mind and makes them think about it anew.  One recent example is a site called Foldedspace. They've outlined their history quite well,  how the site fell into decline and their plans to revive it.  In this endeavor we wish them the very best of luck and hope that other blogs, long left for greener pastures, find their writers returning to dust off their dashboards and resurrect an old friend. Abandoned sites may well have some life left after all, and serve their audience better when the writers are still minding the store.

And perhaps there is hope for the Revision Bar as well.

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