February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

For all those with someone to share it with, enjoy today (to all the rest: sorry, but you're not alone. There's enough grousing on the web today to waste tons of your time -- and by then the day will be over. See? Problem solved).   For those wondering where this god-awful cards and flowers holiday came from in the first place,  a quick Wikipedia scan shows that it originated from Christian martyrs, then evolved into a day where lovers profess their affection for one other. Bonus points if you can establish the thread that ties those two together (we've tried and our heads hurt). In the spirit of helping out, CNN has tips on how to avoid the holiday, and Gizmodo has a list of some Valentine Day disasters. Check it out to see if your experiences make you worse off than others, or if you've gotten off easy.
And, for those that want to eschew Valentine's Day but still have a laugh, check out Star Wars Valentines. Chewbacca is one hairy valentine.