August 17, 2009

The Smartphone Soccer Mom has No Privacy

It's been a while since we've talked about Smartphones, but meanwhile they've kept chuggin' along in sales. So much so that they're the single hottest category in cell phones right now, due to their growth. While normal cell phone subscribers seems to have just about peaked, with seemingly every citizen of every country carrying one, the hottest market is the upsell to smartphones. Heck, now there's reports that soccer moms are one of the largest groups now flocking to smartphones, using the devices to keep track of their broods and their business. Technology's great when it lets you actually achieve your goals. Take that Microsoft, with your endless security patches and driver updates; I'll get my info from my phone, thank you kindly.

While these moms, and everyone else, are busy using their smartphones, they're not just checking calendars and schedules. They're twittering, facebooking, and using all the usual social networking their data plans can handle. There's reports now that twitter may have to adapt to survive, or be sacrificed completely to pave the way for what comes next. This seems doubtful, but it very well may adapt, and even become more mobile-central. There's also reports that past fan-favorite Myspace may be making an offer for, which would combine two powerhouses in the online music / social networking world.

Meanwhile, all this data being funneled through your cell phone means a bottle-neck of one thing: your privacy. With all that data coming through one pipe and one provider (whatever cell company you use) some are saying that this could be the end of privacy.

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