July 09, 2009

Windows 7 Deals

Calling all deal hunters: you've only got a few days to score a great deal on the next version of Windows, so-far going by the catchy moniker Windows 7. Apparently there's half-price deals to be had at Amazon and Best Buy, but you've gotta shell out the money for 'em by July 11. Still not a big deal, and a great chance to save some money and not give it to Bill Gates. He won't miss it, trust us. There's also a chance you could get it for free if you're enterprising enough. Get to work people, we need to get out of this mess Vista got us into. By all accounts, it looks as though Windows 7 just may be up to the challenge.

Also, when you finally get that shiny new OS, here's some helpful-hints for why you should always think twice before you send that nasty email (use Google's mail goggles if you must), and how to digitize your life and get rid of clutter.

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