July 08, 2009

Two Gone, One Out of Beta

Things on the internet change all the time. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. If you were a fervent user of Geocities or Yahoo 360, chances are you're in the latter category, as those sites have been dropped. Killed. Left behind, like 10-mile stragglers during the latter stages of a marathon.

Geocities is perhaps the one to lament during this; it was the one site that truly hearkened back to the origins of the user-generated web. It was one of the first sites where anyone could set up shop, grab some online real estate, and start writing to their heart's content. Although not specifically credited with it, it was probably the originator of the blogging c0ncept, as that's what most of the sites actually were. The Heartland/Hills neighborhood (all the pages in Geocities were subdivided into neighborhoods, which gave Geocities citizens a way to relate to this new online paradigm, and also organize it's content) was where The Revision Bar started out, and we'll always have a fondness for it, even though it's now been digitally razed. Heck, we can't even go and pay homage to the parking lot where it used to be, as it's all just digital bits, and they've been returned from whence they came.

Yahoo 360 comes as less of a surprise, although it too was a nice service that's being discontinued. To be fair though, all the functions are all just being moved over to Yahoo Profiles.

But here's some actual good news: Google's Apps, including Gmail, are now officially out of beta. At last. It's only been, what, years?

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