July 10, 2009

Animation on the Edge

So Spider-Man has had a rough time of it lately. Last year his beloved Aunt May almost died, and he made a very controversial deal with the devil to keep her alive. What really happened is he mucked with the time continuum, such that she never died, but other people didn't either. Harry Osborn, most notably. Also, his marriage to Mary Jane never existed. Wow. Brand New Day indeed. Anyway, lately he's gotten into trouble for some borderline risque pictures in a collection found in a school library. Whoops, that little deal you made didn't erase that, now did it?

And far far away on the sexy scale, we find evidence of George Lucas having a bit o' fun with his characters in a Disney world. However, we do not want to see Mini in Leia's slave girl outfit. No, no no.

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