June 22, 2009

Welcome Summer

It seems like only yesterday, or last week, or many many snow-covered weeks ago that we were counting down the days until Spring. And now, like a thief in the night comes it's hotter cousin, Summer. That's right, as of yesterday at 1:45 AM it officially became Summer, and that's very cool. The only downside? The fact that yesterday was also the longest day of the year, and after this the days will progressively get shorter. That's right campers; while we're all busy playing and basking in the sunshine thinking we've got all the time in the world we're actually losing party time in small increments each day. Wow. Kind of makes you enjoy it while it's here, doesn't it?
Now don't get all depressed on us, we're just showing off our knowledge of the way the seasons work -- there's lots of time to play in the sun. As a matter of fact, since summer's only a day or so old, we're all just getting started. And speaking of getting started, check out how some people over at Stonehenge ushered in the summer solstice. The pictures pretty much tell the story, and it's pretty incredible.

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