May 06, 2009

Kindle DX time

So, the world was let in on a (not so) secret today: the new Kindle DX. Long-rumored in gadget site message boards and stories, it was still nice to actually get everything confirmed and see the thing. While bigger than the previous Kindle devices, it remains to be seen how this one will fit within the tech-buying public's perception. Is this just the newest model, or is this really geared toward magazine, newspaper, and PDF viewers? It's certainly bigger, so maybe Kindle and Kindle 2 owners are still happy with their comparatively svelte devices.

Twitter stories continue to roll in also. While previously there's been a firing for someone who called in sick and then used a social network (Facebook, in this case), now it seems that employers might not want to get annoyed if their workers use these networks even while they're at work. And yep, that includes Twitter too. Anyway, employers might not have that much to worry about, since quitting Twitter seems to be the new "in-thing".