April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle's got talent

Fridays should be fun days, even though work gets in the way and mucks things up. Since we're well past 5 pm now, let's kick off the weekend right. First of all, we have for your amusement, and perhaps nutrition, the bacon bracelet. It's not only a fashion accessory, it's also breakfast. Just slap it on your wrist, head out the door, and gnaw on it whenever you're hungry. Be careful not to spook the lightsabre-wielding police officer, who's suddenly come to the realization that his purpose in life is that of the Jedi, and thus changed his religion accordingly. If this doesn't scare you, and the bacon bracelet (gee, it even sounds cool!) needs to be cooked, try this homemade stove, made out of nothing but two cardboard boxes and some solar power. I'll bet the cop's lightsabre could really power that thing. Or chop it into bits; whichever comes first.

If your kid's got a cell phone, be careful of those text message fees. One dad was so surprised at his daughter's bill he took a hammer to the phone and smashed it. But he's still on the hook for $4,756.25, unless the folks at Verizon take pity on him.

Lastly, this isn't totally silly, in fact it's downright cool. Check out the newest web sensation, Susan Boyle, that spunky contestant from Britain's Got Talent, who totally shut Simon Cowell up and won over a crowd of dubious onlookers at the audition. Nice job Susan, and apparently she's been doing it for years now. Who knew?

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