March 02, 2009

YouTube's out, iPhone envy in the house of Bill

Obama may be the most tech-savvy President in our nation's history. He's embraced strategies such as text messaging, twittering, and an interactive web site throughout his campaign. Now, as President, he's continuing with it all, and even adding videos to the mix. Thus, it's a big deal when he dumps YouTube, the perennial favorite, for a more homegrown approach due to privacy concerns. This new strategy should give them more control, which is what the administration wants. How YouTube reacts will be interesting.

Other interesting tidbits: Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft founder Bill, admits to having iPhone envy from time to time. You think she could stash one away in her purse, and the boss would be none the wiser?

The rumors are solidifying now, and so there will be a Ghostbusters 3. Details are still trickling out, but we'll see if Bill Murray is up to the task. Can he still be the charming, wise-cracking grey-jumpsuited scientist with the nuclear fusion pack on his back? And just where has Eagon been all these years?

Finally, check out the new Dutch commemorative coin. What a great design, totally different.

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