March 28, 2009

Twitter just doesn't know

Poor Twitter. The (current) darling of the Internet. Everyone, it seems, is either using or getting a Twitter account. Regular folks, media moguls, celebrities, even people in Congress listening to President Obama when they should be paying attention. Yeah, everyone's using Twitter; so how come they're not making any money? Because Evan Williams isn't sure how to do that yet. Here's an idea: when you're drafting the idea behind a business, you really should think about how it's going to turn a profit. What the business model? These are questions that probably should have been answered by now.

And it turns out that all that Twitters is not gold, either. It's been reported--unsurprisingly enough--that some of the celebrity twitterers, are in fact one or two things: 1) ghost writers for the real person, or 2) outright imposters, using a celebrity's name for notoriety and followers. Twitter's been quite good at revoking these accounts, but it worth noting that you need to be careful who you're following. They may not be the real deal.

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