March 03, 2009

Productivity and the Digital World

Productivity is hard enough in any job, in any life, any time. But it gets harder when you're expected to be always-on, to churn out new content as many bloggers are. Some of us experience the same stresses with multiple social networking sites: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, all vying for your attention and little pieces of your life. Gina Trapani knows about these stresses and also what it's like to have to backpedal on some of your own advice, like not answering email even though she has a chapter in her book about managing email. Hmmm...guess it can happen to everyone.

While you're thinking productively, think about how much paper you use, both at work and at home. Paper seems to fly into our possesion from a myriad of sources, and all of it wants your attention. There was once the dream of the paperless office; sadly that hasn't really come to pass. However, one writer has advice on a paperless home, and the good news? It's (almost) possible.

Other digital strategies for maintaining order? How about digitizing it all? You know, all those receipts, interesting articles from magazines (heck, even the whole magazine), your taxes, bills, etc. It's all there and available to be stashed in digital form. Get scanning.

And, not even the best planning in the world can save you sometimes. We're sure George Lucas is a pretty organized guy and has a pretty top-notch organization. However, bad things can happen, and mistakes can still be made. Really -- would you pay 195 dollars for a statue of Goofy as Jar Jar Binks? Let's say it together: NO.

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