March 23, 2009

No love for Saab

There's no love these days for any business really, be it the big corporation or the hometown newspaper. However, automobile manufacturers have it particularly rough, and have for quite a long time. Arguably, this whole economic mess we're in, or at least its foreshadow, started with the Detroit automakers, hanging on from bankruptcy asking the US government for a bailout. They were first, Wall Street was next, then corporate America. It seems though that this phenomenon isn't unique to the United States. Even that quirky scandenavian automaker, and perennial favorite of folks who like their innovation done a different way, Saab, is having it's own problems. And it's home country of Sweden, which has come to use Saab as an icon of business and pride for the country, refuses to help.
Live or die by the consumer, Saab.

However, some products (and companies) are having an easier time. The Flip video camera, which is low-cost and easy to use, has been bought by Cisco, who's looking to aggressively get into the consumer electronics space. This amounts to a big payday for the parent company, Pure Digital Technologies, and shows that even in a recession, well-thought out ideas can yield success. Hopefully this will also hold true for Palm, when it finally releases it's Pre device later this year. It needs it to do well to survive.

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