March 10, 2009

Making that PC work for you

Getting a new PC ready for actual work isn't easy. Yeah, it's got a nice new OS and maybe some bundled apps, but we both know most of it is actually crap. There's trials, demos and stuff you don't need. And then you go to actually use it, and you virtually reach for something -- an app on the desktop, a shortcut, or a command/macro. And it's not there. And that's when it hits you: this PC needs to be customized to allow you to get anything done. Use this checklist to streamline things.

Meanwhile, in development-land, there may be even more reason to look forward to the next version of Windows. Not only does it replace Vista with a better version (at last!), including being less power-hungry, but there's also going to be lots of things you can turn off, thereby customizing your environment even more. So far, Windows 7 is looking better and better.

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