March 27, 2009

Facebook's still thinking about it

So many people on Facebook, so many people don't like Facebook. Irony, no?
With so many people using the popular social networking site, it's no surprise there's lots of different opinions about it. What is a bit surprising (and I'm sure it's very surprising to the Facebook folks in charge) is just how unified they are on one point: the site redesign. It seems it's almost universally hated. Groups have sprung up, on Facebook itself naturally, to proclaim their hate for the new design and send a message to bring back the old one. Such a coordinated and unanimous effort is just a little shocking in today's complex web world. Well, it seems that all is not lost, and the naysayers are getting their due: Facebook has announced some subtle changes to the redesign based on user feedback, and said that there may be more to come; it's still a work in progress.

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