March 25, 2009

Excuse me, but it's called ScyFy now

Aah, science fiction, sci-fi as it's called. There used to be a television network by that name. Oh wait, we better make that ScyFy, because some bone-headed lawyer or TV marketer or strategizer thought it would be a better differentiator for the brand. Now it won't be worth the electrons it's manipulated on. Bah.

Now, for some true Science Fiction: During a rash of UFO sightings years ago. the British Defence Ministry took such an interest they briefed their Ministers of Defence. Showed them pictures, video, interviews with eyewitnesses. And then kept it to themselves, lest they create a commotion amongst the townspeople. How long did they keep this secret? Oh, about 20 years. Now the information is being made public, since they're sure the aliens must be gone by now.

And, if you see Race to Witch Mountain, make sure you look for Whitley Strieber at the UFO convention. It's a small cameo, but nice to see.

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