February 04, 2009

Yahoo Axes Briefcase

As the economy tumbles and experiences difficulties, so do longtime internet companies. Lots of net companies, including CNET, Ziff Davis, Microsoft and others have trimmed their operations, either through people or services reduction. Now Yahoo is doing the same thing, by shuttting down it's Briefcase feature. To be fair, Briefcase was something I used years ago, but in the years that followed it's paltry 30MB was eclipsed by other offerings offering 500 MB, 1 GB, or more. Storage is cheap these days, and cloud storage is at an all-time high, both in offerings and demand. It's a great way to store something and know you'll be able to access it wherever you are, on any device. All of which makes it all the more painful and bittersweet that Yahoo should discontinue this service at this particular time. One would think that now would be the time to beef it up, make it easier and more palatable to use and attract new users. After all, their main competitor Google is reportedly going to roll out it's own service any day now, called Gdrive, which is essentially cloud storage (and lots of it). Yahoo should have re-thought this, and made the necessary updates. They certainly had enough time.

I recently went in to my account and was surprised to find data there from long ago. Now that data will have to be saved and put somewhere else. Maybe Gdrive, when it's available.

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