February 03, 2009

The revolution will be digital, and it will be bloody

PC Magazine recently announced that it will cease producing it's print magazine and instead focus soley on its various web properties and the digital version of its magazine (read the original announcement). Since the majority of their subscribers are die-hard techies who have subscribed for years, and spend most of the time glued to their computers, can you guess how they handled the news? They revolted, quite vocally and with much anger. The comments, oddly enough, seemed to indicate that they wanted an excuse to get away from the computer. Go figure.

Windows Mobile is having its own share of problems recently. while it's market share in the smartphone arena had been steadily growing, due to Palm's decline and stagnation over the last few years, now it's got real competition. Not only has it stood by and watched the iPhone captivate the world, but then came Google's Android in the form of the G1, and we've only just begun to see the impact that these devices will have, and there's more coming, making for even Windows Mobile headaches. Hey, when you were the only active player in town, you looked pretty good, but now these young upstarts are trying to take over the joint. And now the kicker? Palm's back, in the form of the brand new WebOS and Palm Pre. Well now we've got ourselves a real horserace. So much so that some are wondering if Windows Mobile is doomed, and whether it's time to drop it for good.

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