February 10, 2009

Powers and Kindle 2

Lots of viewers were disappointed with last season's Heroes, which was only exacerbated by the season itself being cut short by the writer's strike. This season seems to be going better, but still complaints seem to be forming and getting passed around the 'net. If you'd like a different take on this whole hero thing, keep your eyes out for Powers, which should debut later this year. The creators certainly have the chops to pull this off; one of them cut his teeth writing The Avengers and Spider-Man for Marvel comics. The initial concept and story art look good.

Last week we discussed e-Readers and the general decline of the publishing industry. One bright spot in all this has been the Kindle, Amazon's eReader that makes eReading fun and quite simple (further proof that a narrow focus and good execution trump all in one solutions every time). Yesterday they announced the successor, the Kindle 2. Not much in the way of upgrades, but a step in the right direction.

The Live Blog during the event was actually quite humorous. Very little buildup, just a quick announcement, a quick demo and some words from Stephen King, then bam! All done, thanks for coming, drive home safe now, y'hear?

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