February 18, 2009

Nintendo DSi coming

Lest you think all we think about here are smartphones (but hey, that's been a very active space lately) some information is coming in regarding some other attractive products. Namely, the newest version of the Nintendo DS, the DSi. It seems the US is finally going to get the love that's been had overseas since at least early last year. What remains to be seen is how many people will upgrade from a DS Lite. Personally, the 2 cameras and SD slot are a pretty big draw, but we're unsure if it justifies the $179 price tag. On paper the screens are listed as being enlarged, but a quick guess is that they're only marginally so. You're still not getting a PSP-sized screen, so don't get too excited.

From the truly bizarre department, check out the e-cigarette. You know, for when you want to look like a dork while being completely environmentally friendly.

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