February 27, 2009

Nick Fury's 9-Movie Deal

Looks like plenty's happening lately in the entertainment world cast-wise. There's been quite a flap over Marvel threatening to not extend the costumed hand to Samual L. Jackson to reprise the Nick Fury role he pioneered at the end of the Iron Man movie. Looks like that's all over now, with Jackson signing a massive 9-movie deal. That's like one for each one of the original Avengers with plenty left over. Good news for Jackson, us, and Marvel -- who made a good move with this.

Late Night TV is just changing all over the place, and when Conan O'Brien takes over the coveted Tonight Show he'll bring back an old friend -- Andy Richter. Seems Richter has had enough of doing the TV-pilot routine. The question is: is O'Brien better without him? And is he so set in his ways from being a solo performer these years that this won't work?

For something different, the Today Show did a piece on the "Jedi Workout". At first this sounded interesting, but the way they're doing it doesn't look like much of a workout. Maybe in the right hands, a true Jedi would emerge...

And, in tech news, Google shuts down more apps (Google Shared Stuff), and Microsoft says it's going to make it's desktop version of Windows and it's Mobile Phone versions share a common codebase. This probably will result in much better phone UIs, since this platform has been largely stagnant for years. Innovate, people!

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