February 25, 2009

Kindle 2, Journalist start-up, and Philip Jose Farmer

Yesterday we mentioned the Kindle 2 and the reactions it's receiving. Apparently it's also received a tersely-worded op-ed piece in the New York Times. Still, there may be a point in all this; will the Kindle2 eat into audiobook sales? Some say that Amazon's 'whispernet' is really going to be the big deal in all of this. E-books could be poised for takeoff between this and the Kindle 2.

If all this e-book and Kindle talk is getting to you, and you want to get in on the fun but don't have $359 to spend, check out these online book sites. No Kindle required.

Let's stay in the realm of books of fiction for just a while longer: science fiction fans everywhere will no doubt be saddened to learn that Philip Jose Farmer, a pioneer in the genre, has died. It was peaceful. It was in his sleep. And yet, the world has lost a great writer and source of entertaining stories.

Finally, magazines and newspapers certainly haven't been immune to the economy. Some have been laying off workers or even shutting down. And, just like we mentioned yesterday, that's where things can get creative. Some journalists from Arizona are doing just that after losing their jobs -- and starting their own web-only publications. The upside? They get to green light the stories that ordinarily wouldn't be. Nice.

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