February 24, 2009

Adios Circuit City

There's an old saying that tough times foster innovation. That's the thought that comes to mind when reading about Virgin's new strategy for creating new social networks, tying them into existing ones such as Facebook, and offering these services in rather unique ways on it's planes. Pretty neat stuff -- using the service to find out a friend of a friend on Facebook is on the same flight as you, and you buy them a drink? Pretty awesome. Six degrees of separation become one in no time flat.

The Amazon Kindle 2 is out now, and early adopters are being notified that the unit is in the mail, which means lots of people will have their hands on one soon. CNET got a unit to do a quick review on, and it came out looking pretty good. In the next week or two, we should get some hands-on time with one and give you our impressions.

If your iPod Touch is lonely and aspires to be a recording studio, you might be interested in the Alesis ProTrack, although it's going to pretty much double your investment. Really -- a $200 add-on? For a $200 device? That's a little excessive.

And finally, the death watch for Circuit City continues as they try to unload all their merchandise. The problem is, they're not offering very good liquidation prices; it's almost as if they're not really trying -- and that's the whole reason the company is going under. For years, when you walked into a Circuit City it was as if the salespeople didn't want to be there, couldn't care less about truly helping you, and sometimes didn't know the product information well enough. Adios Circuit City, you'll not be missed.

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