February 17, 2009

The $99 iPhone

The tech world is ablaze with rumors of a $99 iPhone, supposedly stripped of some of its features and sold in the future at Walmart. While parts of this don't exactly thrill (Walmart), the rest sounds pretty good. Currently the iPhone costs $199, which isn't bad at all. In fact it's a downright bargain for all the functionality you're getting. However, the $30+ monthly data plan is where AT&T gets you, and it's been the one reason why lots of people have opted not to get the iPhone, even though they would clearly like to. Enter this rumor, then, with it's $99 iPhone. The lower price is great, but the kicker is that supposedly it also carries with it a lower data plan -- $15 per month. You lose GPS and some on-board memory (the new, cheaper iPhone would max out at 8GB) but pay less for the phone and less for the monthly data plan. Now that's a real winning scenario, and one which lots of people would probably latch on to. It would allow Apple to dominate the high-end and low-end smartphone markets.

However, as always, every idea has it's detractors.

In other news, the Digital TV transition may have been postponed, but many channels are opting to switch now anyway. Here's your guide to figuring out what's going on. You know, just in case your favorite channel suddenly isn't there [shudder].

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