November 17, 2008

Quantum of Solace

movie review Movie Review: Saw Quantum of Solace on Friday night. My initial reaction? A good solid Bond movie, and another positive step forward for Daniel Craig. While critics are largely blasting the movie for one reason or another, it's interesting how the love-fest that was Casino Royale has ended. While they couldn't get enough of that movie, largely I think because it was Craig in the role and not Brosnan, and because Craig and the producers took the franchise in a whole new direction, I find it interesting how quickly they've changed their tune. I've heard laments that Q still isn't in this movie, nor Moneypenney. Also that there's not enough gadgets (see CNET's related article: is Bond anti-tech?) . I for one, just want to register my vote for the new direction. The series was indeed getting stale, with the same lines ("shaken not stirred") and situations played upon in each release. There was always the Q scene, the Moneypenney scene, etc. I say throw it all away and let's get down to a good old fashioned spy movie with lots of action. Fortunately for me, that's exactly what the Broccoli family did, and I feel the franchise is in better health today for it.

If I have any qualms with Quantum (besides it's very strange title) it's that it's emphasis seems to be action, not much else. While Casino Royale was downgraded hy a select minority for it's casino scenes, which they felt were too long and drawn out, this movie offers up none of that. Instead it throws such dramatic suspense out the window and punches the throttle hard. You're in for a ride in this movie, and it seldom slows down. I for one would like a bit more of the charactierization and dialog we saw in Casino Royale, but still felt very satisfied by this latest installment. No spoilers here, it's just a good solid movie. Repeated viewings will reveal whether it makes the short list of my favorite Bond outings. So far, it's definitely behind Casino.

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