September 22, 2008

Tommorrow is Android Day

(Geek News) Autumn. change is in the air and it's not just the chilling temperatures along the East coast. We officially welcomed Autumn as of 11:44 AM today, and there's plenty more changes coming. First up is tomorrow's press conference and unveiling of the worlds first Google-powered phone (what was previously called the Google phone, or g-phone) which is built by HTC and exclusive to the T-mobile network. This is a big deal because it certainly represents the newest contestant in the smartphone wars and, if all the signs are correct, the emergence of the newest superpower in that war. Google certainly represents a formidable power in whatever arena it enters, be it search, hosted software, and now phones. It also means much more though. It certainly gives consumers one more choice when purchasing their next phone. For some time there's been Palm phones, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. Last year we mightily embraced the birth of the iPhone, and effectively the ante was raised as to what a smartphone should be, do, and look like. Now it's Google's turn to dazzle the world and attempt to grab some luster for itself as it displays a brand-new cell phone platform called Android based on it's own software. It won't be Palm, Nokia, Windows, or Blackberry. It certainly won't be Apple. It will be Google.
The other thing that makes this special is that it's a supposedly open-source architecture. What that means is that while most cell customers can't change what their operating system looks or acts like, there shouldn't be these problems with Android. Think of it as Linux, where any developer can modify the OS and send it back to the owner, which in this case is Google. This alone should help speed up changes, fixes, and improvements, but we'll have to see how it is in action. Some have said that the carriers themselves could make their own cosmetic changes and effectively ruin the interface, as Verizon has historically done.

Tommorrow all of this will be revealed. I personally know that Gizmodo will be liveblogging the whole press conference, so if you're really interested in seeing this thing as soon as it's available, check them out tomorrow: Gizomodo Android liveblog.

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