July 03, 2008

Your YouTube Habits - Divulged!

Wow...Viacom has received a ruling to have the YouTube viewing habits of every single user handed over to them. This is huge. Google's official stance? Apparently they've done nothing about this since mid 2007, when this lawsuit was first started. "We urge Viacom to back off this overbroad request" says the Electronic Frontier Federation, a watchdog group. Yeah, I'd think that's about right. Every single user? Every video they've ever watched? How long would it take to go through all that data? And it's all because Viacom thinks Google has ripped them off by hosting videos of their commercial properties. I understand they should be compensated. I'm just not so sure this is the most expedient way to go about it. For sure it's the most inclusive, leave-no-stone-unturned way to do it.

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