July 07, 2008

Your DeLorean is Ready

Checking out my numerous gadget sites, there was lots of interesting stuff today. There's an "official" Scrabble on Facebook, but it's clearly no match for Scrabulous. Even the name of the party favorite is better. Now that I'm officially on Facebook, I figure it's about time for lots of things to happen: lots of really crappy applications will be released (of which this could be the first, like a rider of the apocolypse) since all the good stuff's already come out, the platform as a whole will start it's decline (already happening from what I've read) and users will leave in droves, leaving me as the only one there (hasn't happened -- yet).

In Google cell phone news, otherwise known as Android, there's rumors that T-Mobile is prepping the release of the very first Android phone into the wild, as part of their nationwide 3G push later this year. If you've been reading my posts lately (doubtful), you'll know I'm watching Android developments very closely as it just might be the smartphone platform I've been looking for, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Some believe this phone will be the long-awaited HTC dream, but again that's speculation. And it's fun.

Other quick things: Yahoo's like an indecisive lover with her courtship by Microsoft, and finally anounces, "I'm ready"...whatever that means. Casio releases a camera that defies time by starting to record 5 seconds before you pressed the button (umm....I have to dig deeper to see how that works), and speaking of bending time and space, your new DeLorean just may be ready for you to pick up.

All in all, a pretty decent Monday.

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