July 03, 2008

Firefox 3 Gets the World Record, Digital SLR Research

Firefox 3 So apparently Firefox was successful on June 17 when it attempted to set a new worlds record for downloads.  Haven't downloaded it yet? Then head on over to their page, check out the goings on, and download it for yourself. I do believe it's the best browser out there right  now. It seems faster than Firefox 2, does have some nice features, and is generally a step forward.  I've even tried it against the most recent versions of IE (please, you call that a competition?) and Opera 9.5, which surprisingly, was a joke. I couldn't believe how slow it was compared to Firefox 2, much less 3.  And I say that as an Opera fan, having used it for years. I keep coming back to it, since I like the browser and it's interface, but it really can't compare speed-wise to Firefox.

I've been researching more into digital cameras again, this time DSLRs, which are digital single lens reflex cameras. The advantage of these is they have larger digital sensors that can capture the brilliance and colors of the scene, and they do it faster than normal compact digital cameras, usually without any shutter delay. Add to this the fact that they use interchangeable lenses for when different effects are desired (like a fish-eye lens or an extreme zoom lens like the pros use) and it's a real cool camera to have. They tend to be pricy though; thus the research. I'm leaning toward the Nikon D40, since its gotten great reviews and a friend of mine swears by Nikon -- of course he's got the big-brother Nikon D200, but that's splitting hairs. 

While I was engrossed in all things DSLR, I caught this story about a legless man who gets around on a skateboard and takes pictures of people's reactions to him. He's gone all over the world doing this, and taken at this point well over 32,000 pictures, posting many of the best ones on his web site. Inspiring, to say the least. Oh yeah, he's using a Nikon D200 too. I'll still be looking at the D40, since I believe it will do everything I want it to do, as well as leave less of a dent in my wallet.


  1. your Tucson Nikon rep1:57 PM

    d40? Do they still make those ancient things? What you need is right here :


    Or at least one of these :


  2. Well, let's see. While I'm overjoyed at having gotten a comment on my blog (it's literally been years) the prices of these are pretty high (as expected -- you guys in Tucson have expensive taste). $4999 and $2995? I do like the D700, but at $2995 --without a lens-- that's pretty tough to swallow. I'd love to get the chance to play with one and just see the pictures it takes. I'm sure that might make it easier for the wallet to open.