July 28, 2008


Apparently the new Knight Rider will indeed be made into a new TV series. This just shows how desperate the TV execs are to get anything new and even halfway interesting on the air. For those that saw the TV movie, my apologies. The horror continues.

On a brighter note, Tron, that 80's classic is being revived for a sequel too. Fans at Comic-Con were treated to a promo, which I'll try to find later. This one I'm pretty psyched about and hope it lives up to the original.

There's also plenty of Heroes rumors flying around. I didn't make it through all of Season 2, so I have to go to Hulu to check them out.

Also in the category of things I'm newly-psyched about: The Spirit. The promo looks great -- sexy, action-packed, fun. Follow the link to see the promo.

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