June 23, 2008

KITT as a GPS device

Not a whole lot of time to post today, but I figure I should get to it anyway, especially when juicy tidbits like this literally drop in my hands. Most of you know I'm a Knight Rider fan, so when this showed up on my (virtual) doorstep, I was pretty happy...and sad. Happy because it's a Knight Rider-themed GPS, which is very cool, and a great marketing/tie-in idea. Why sad? Because a) I already have a GPS unit that I really like and is probably better than this, and b) they put the red strobing lights vertical instead of horizontal. Come on, everyone knows it was horizontal. Sheesh.

But hey, lots of props to Mio for actually getting the Knight Rider franchise to go with this. If I didn't have one, this would be great.

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