May 30, 2008

Indiana Jones and other interesting reads

Some interesting, and mostly fun, things have popped up in my browser today. Firstly, there's not one but a whole bunch of articles on the Hudson Valley of New York, where I live. Articles on the restaurants, a local B& B lighthouse, and even a whole section with more articles. I especially like the one about the haunted houses.

Stumbling around the 'net I saw a fisherman who bagged a rather large halibut (you have to see it to believe it, thankfully there's a few pictures). I also found a rather terse and heavy handed review of the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While I'm on that subject, let me just add my two cents worth. I saw the movie last Friday, and loved it. Should have posted some sort of review before this. Without giving anything away, it follows in the fine tradition of the other movies and doesn't let the franchise down at all. I'd say it's more in the tradition of Last Crusade, and maybe just a bit of Temple of Doom thrown in. I was hoping it would have more of a Raiders feeling, namely more serious and a bit more in the way of intelligent dialog, but wasn't terribly depressed that it didn't deliver on that. What it did serve up was good Indiana Jones fun that didn't disappoint. Catch it if you get a chance. And -- one more thing on Indy -- follow the previous link on the movie title to go to the official site, where there's tons of movie goodies.

Finally, here's a pretty insightful article on why you'll be rejoicing at $8 a gallon gasoline. What it will do and why it ultimately is a good thing. Read the article for all the details, but in my opinion it was very well thought out and provided lots of good economics-ripple effect reasoning behind what's going on now, and what will happen if prices and the trend continue. I think his statements about invention and research being bumped up dramatically are spot-on. People right now are only just beginning to alter their driving habits and think more ecologically. Will the current state of oil and the economy really push people to change things? Will it push venture capitalists, technology folks, or research labs to really come up with something new and end our dependence on oil? Could be, but push the price up to $8 and the answer is a resounding yes.

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