May 02, 2008

Evil Darth Hilary?

Things have gotten far too busy lately so I haven't found time to write. Ah, scratch that -- I haven't made time to write. Correcting that now.

Some things I've stumbled across in the time since I've last posted... a very interesting article about how there is no gas shortage, and the price is just a manipulation. In the end, the article ends up asking more questions than giving answers, but it does point out some interesting facts and makes me scratch my head and say "why?". Why the high gas prices if this story is true?

Since I'm a blogger I found this story about Engadget -vs- Gizmodo very interesting too. How scooping the competition has become a way of life and absolute obsession among the heads of both these sites. The fact is, most people do read both, so I think this may be mostly for naught. Personally I would concentrate on getting material the other person won't get, such as more detailed specs, secret info, etc. The story about the one guy having insomnia because he lost the scoop on the new big-screen television just doesn't make sense to me. Doesn't he realilze that the world would eventually, and sooner rather than later, learn about this TV on their own? Again, I'd concentrate on things the other guy wouldn't be able to get. The TV example is clearly something that wouldn't fall into that category, even if it was top-secret and behind a curtain. It was still a consumer electronic device about to be unveiled at a trade show, of all places. Sheesh.

Speaking of other things I've learned, Arthur C Clarke died. Yes, I know it was a while ago, but since I haven't written since it happened, this mention is deserved. I remember that his writing was some of the earliest science fiction I ever read, and still remains the finest. His collections of short stories, as well as novels, were the stuff that made me dream and in turn made me want to become a writer. Someday soon I need to start churning out my own short stories, but that's a topic for some other time. Interesting tidbit: one of Clarke's contemporaries, and the other sceience fiction writer whose work I read quite a bit of was Piers Anthony. Over the last couple of months I found Piers' web site and discovered his newsletter, which I began reading regularly. In one of the latest ones, he honors Clarke as a good person, who furthered the craft of science fiction writing, while simultaneously saying he didn't think he was that gifted of a writer. Each person has their opinion, I suppose.

Some Star Wars stuff to pass along: there's a new amateur movie coming out, about two Star Wars fans who cook up a plot to sneak into George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch. The punchline? Lucas has actually blessed the project and opened wide the doors to said ranch. Yep, the movie's being filmed right there, amidst all the force-inspired goodness. Why, it's every geek's dream come true, and should turn out to be a pretty cool movie.

The other Star Wars find: this political video about Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama (see below). I truly found this hilarious, although I'm not so sure that Hilary's the evil Empire's Darth Vader character. And Obama as Luke Skywalker? Ummm... I'll have to get back to you on that. Here's the video though. Pretty well done.

Finally, some news on what to drive and what to eat: maybe buy a BMW instead of a Prius, achieve better science through coffee and make sure you also drink green tea, because it's good for you.

You've been informed.

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