February 18, 2008

Toshiba: It's Over for HD DVD

Some important questions to ask today:

What will happen now that HD DVD seems to have admitted defeat? Yep, it's true. Toshiba, the primary advocate left of HD DVD, has thrown in the towel and declared it over. Surprisingly, even Toshiba investors cheered this action, maybe because it means less fracturing of the marketplace and Toshiba can now focus more squarely on other projects.

Is the Playstation 3 finally coming of age? The move by many retailers to embrace Blu Ray, while declaring HD DVD the loser, may be what this console really needs.

Ever wonder what happens to all those shirts and caps made up ahead of time for the team that didn't win the Super Bowl? Apparently they end up in other countries.

Is it time to get a new television set, in light of the imminent switch to digital? Or will you simply grab a converter box? Coupons for the converter boxes will start being mailed next week. In reading the story, I just realized most households won't need this at all. Only households "which are not connected to cable or satellite will need a converter box when full-power broadcast stations begin transmitting digital-only signals in February 2009". And thus die my plans for getting that new big screen.

Is Al Pacino going to play the villain in the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace? Note to Barbara Broccoli and the rest of the Bond production family: please say yes. Although I have to say that I wasn't very happy with his performance in Oceans 13, I believe that may have been a problem with the script he was given, not the actor himself. With the good work that was done on Casino Royale, I have faith in the forthcoming script and think that Pacino would do a great job with it. Oh, and I'll go on record right now stating that I'll bet this rumor isn't true, but merely an item from someone's wish list, much like the rumors that swirl about Sean Connery playing a cameo in every Bond movie since Goldeneye. We'll see if I"m right as more details emerge about the movie.

By the way, that new Knight Rider movie last night totally sucked. Just so you know.

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