February 15, 2008

Death Knell for HD DVD, Foleo's Revenge

Technology marches forward: there's a new "camera pill" that you can ingest and it will take pictures of your insides to help doctors diagnose any possible conditions. The best part? It's reusable.

Speaking of technology, Best Buy will start advising customers to buy Blu Ray. WalMart has announced it will only sell Blu Ray from now on. So long HD. Take your place next to Betamax over there on the bookshelf. Is this the PS3's doing, the same way DVD adoption was sped up by people buying the original PS2, which doubled as a DVD player? I remember Sony taking some heat by putting a Blu Ray in the PS3 -- maybe they knew what they were doing all along. Maybe.

And, in a technology sense of the future kind, director JJ Abrams gets serious about his Star Trek movie, even hiring a Nasa expert as a consultant.

Clothing might change in the future too. Scientists are working on clothing that actually produces energy. It uses the vibrations that occur when you walk to power up portable electronic devices. Think of your own body movement powering your pacemaker. Or better yet, an iPod. Ok, I guess the pacemaker would be better, but maybe not quite as fun. I mean really, can your pacemaker download and play podcasts? What? It can? I think that's an undocumented feature.

If you've got a cellular phone (hello --- this is 2008 calling, get on the bandwagon) you might want to pay attention to this: the analog network that many older phones use is going away next Monday. That's February 18 for those without smartphones and thus no calendars. According to the major carriers, this change won't affect many users, since they've weaned almost everyone over to the newer digital-only phones anyway. Hurray for equipment upgrades, whether you really wanted it or not. But, if your phone suddenly won't work next Monday, you've been warned.

And speaking of cell phones, remember Palm's Foleo? That weird combination of cell phone processing power and laptop size that didn't really seem to be needed, that never really fit in, that was killed off before it ever made it to any retail stores? Palm may have learned their lesson, but now Windows Mobile phone users get their shot. The Redfly, from a company named Celio, is making it's debut. It's designed to do the exact same thing for Windows Mobile phones as the Foleo was for Palm 's phones. Somewhere I'm sure you can hear Palm executives laughing and filling out condolence cards. Those that don't pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it.

Nintendo's got some buzz going these days too, but it seems to be about their star player's hair. Seriously, no one wants to bash the Wii anymore, so now they're turning their sites on Nintendo's people? And, while we're on the subject of hair, take a look at this page, supposedly with tips for making thin hair look thicker. Note the weird use of quotations, and the fact that it conveys no real information. No comment as to how I found that page or what I was doing there in the first place.

One last thing: Be careful what you put on Flickr; some photos have been illegally sold.
That's right, those pictures of you and Grandma at the family reunion could end up on some website somewhere, maybe even the heading of, "stock footage".
Hey, that's my Grandma!

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