December 19, 2007

Knight Rider's Back, Microsoft Syncs

Aaaaaah, the holidays. Filled with laughter, good times and the promise of nice presents. Wait..what's this I see? A present from NBC, who's bringing back Knight Rider? Oh know what I like. I'm not sure how I feel about a Ford Mustang taking the place of KITT, but since Pontiac discontinued the Trans Am, what choice did they have? Suffice it to say, I'll be watching on February 17. Check out the video clip and see a little bit of the action for yourself.

Since your video player's already warmed up, check out this one from Microsoft, touting their latest product, the Sync system for cars (I wonder if KITT will have this?). From a company that sometimes doesn't do so well with public relations and naming (Zune, anyone?), this time it's not so bad.

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