December 20, 2007

Another Christmas, Another Search

Man, it would be great to get through a Christmas without having to search everywhere for one specific gift. But then again, would it truly be the holidays if I didn't? The item this year is the Microsoft Zune 30 GB music/video player. It was available on Black Friday for $69 and I couldn't get it. They were sold out since forever, it seemed. Doors opened and the guy said, "Sorry, no Zunes" and then he followed up with, "and no Turbo Man dolls either". Damn. So I've been on the hunt for a little while now. Stupidly, I forgot about it until recently while trying to finish up shopping and think about what else was needed. Yeah, I think I should have remembered sooner.

On the plus side, I have run across a lot of information. One site which was particularly well put together is It still didn't help me find the Zune and buy it, but I did get some worthwhile information.

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