December 18, 2007

Amazon's Kindle, Dads Spiteful, and Nintendo

Yes, I should be blogging more. I've come to that conclusion myself. I do enjoy reading other people's blogs, and their steady and constant updates both give me an appreciation for their dilligence and make me realize I need to get with it.

One of the things that's got me the most excited right now is Amazon's new Kindle ebook reader. It seems like they really designed the device right, even down to the implementation mechanism for obtaining ebooks. The wireless service for downloading is built right in, no need to search for a hotspot, no need to pay for a separate service (I hate that). The wireless service is built right in. Take it out of the box, hit "connect" and you're on amazon's site. From what I've read, you can also surf the web with it too. Strangely, they try to make you pay for blogs, which seems a bit odd to me. They're free everywhere else, so why pay on the Kindle? Also, if the thing has web surfing abilities, couldn't you just navigate to the blogs directly? I guess the payment goes for the ability to download them locally on your device. Still, I think this device has a lot of promise, and I look forward to seeing its evolution. Things to improve: give it a color screen, mainly. That would be a great start.

Speaking of Holiday-related things, here's a kid who won't be very happy on December 25. Guess he forgot about two things: Number 1, Dad's a spiteful person and likes to teach you a lesson. Number 2, it's unwise to get caught smoking pot. Lesson learned.

Nintendo's flying high with both their Wii (still sold out across the country) and the DS, going strong after what, years now? They're both great systems, and they're at really good price points. Something Nintendo would like to see the retailers honor, and not jack up with bundles.

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